We increase biomethane in the Czech Republic

We have decided to invest in renewable sources and in particular biomethane, because it is precisely in this direction that modern ecology and energy will be developed in the years to come.
We feel the circular economy as a smart way of dealing with resources and the environment.


  • Smart City solution for energy, clean mobility and waste management
  • biogas upgrading
  • waste collecting and recovery
  • anaerobic technology for waste watter treatment
  • optimization of the biogas plant operation
  • grant counseling
  • technology modernization
  • overcompensation
  • certification


  • biogas upgrading technology
  • biomethane production technology
  • gas grid injection technology
  • NGV filling station
  • gas grid construction


  • biogas upgrading projects investment
  • project economy optimizing
  • biomethane trading
  • biogas trading

Energy Bio Waste

Areas that we connect and develop.

We believe in biomethane, renewable energy and a gentle approach to the environment. Therefore, we support and develop biomethane in the Czech Republic in professional, business, legislative and executive ambience. We participate in the Biomethane Section of CZ Biom - Czech Biomass Association, in the activities of the Legislative Section Czech Biogas Association and we participate in the ministry working groups for renewable energy and, in particular, biomethane.

People with extensive know-how of biogas and biomethane technology, biogas and biomethane trading, fundrising, subsidy management and business optimalization are working for EBW Solution.

Projects investment

We are looking for new projects that we could support or invest in.

We buy biogas.

We buy biomethane.

We support the construction of other biomethane plants by expert help and financially as a co-investor.

We are proud as a founding partner to have started the first project of biogas to biomethane upgrading technology and biomethane injection into the gas grid. We were the first in the Czech Republic to receive an investment grant for a biogas upgrading and biomethane gas grid injection technology.


We participate in projects that are sustainable, innovative and with great benefits for society. We are interested in projects in the field of circular economy, waste utilization and renewable energy.

Our projects

We have consolidated our investments, which now account for a 30% stake in the Rapotin Energy Biowaste Recycling Center, which consists of the biogas plant EFG Rapotin BPS, the waste disposal company EFG Waste logistic and the biomethane plant EFG Rapotín upgrading. We are developing other biogas and biomethane projects.

EFG Rapotín BPS

The Rapotín biogas plant is in operation since 2016. Delivers the heat for the municipality Rapotín. It is the first biogas plant realizing biogas upgrading and biomethane grid injection project in the Czech Republic.

Annual processing capacity of 30 000 tonnes of biodegradable waste.

Energy production for 2,000 households.


EFG Rapotín upgrading

It implements the upgrading biogas to biomethane and its injection into the gas grid, certification and biomethane sale.

This is the first project of biomethane gas grid injection in the Czech Republic.


EFG Rapotín Waste logistic

It is an exclusive partner for the waste collection from local producers in the Olomouc Region.

Own collection equipment and bio-waste and food-waste containers.

Has built a modern office building and a hall for the processing of biodegradable waste in Rapotín.

It is now expanding the collection area through the transhipment site in South Moravia.

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